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CONCERT - Saturday 14th October 2023, 7.30pm at St John's Smith Square

Conductors -  Martyn Brabbins, Michal Oren


Programme (see scoring below)

Martyn Brabbins - A Birthday Greeting (2023)

Paul Ben-Haim - Symphony No.1 (1940)

Edward Elgar - Symphony No.1 (1908)


Tue 26th Sept   7pm-10pm         Full       WCS           Ben-Haim

Mon 2nd Oct    7pm-10pm         Full       WH             Elgar

Tue 3rd Oct      7pm-10pm         Strings  WCS          (shared between conductors)

Fri 6th Oct        7pm-10pm         Full       WCS           Ben-Haim

Sun 8th Oct     11am-2pm          Full       Sports Hall  

             "           2.45pm-5pm      Full                          (shared between conductors) 

Tue 10th Oct    7pm-10pm          Full       WCS           Elgar

Sat 14th Oct     2.30pm-5.30pm Full       SJSS

             "           7.30pm              CONCERT

(Note there is no separate Wind/Brass rehearsal)


Brabbins - A Birthday Greeting

3 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, Tuba, (Cello and basses - although these are optional)

Two sets of timps and two perc - snare drum, hi-hat, suspended cymbal, bass drum.

Ben-Haim - Symphony No.1

3 (picc); 2+cor; 2+bcl; 2+contra 4,3,3,1  timps, 2perc (tamburo Piccolo, triangle, 2 cymbals, sus cymbal, Bass Drum, tam-tam); harp - strings.

Listen to this symphony  - click here

Elgar - Symphony No.1

3 (picc); 2+cor; 2+bcl; 2+contra - 4,3,3,1 - timps, perc (snare drum, bass drum, cymb); Harp x2 - strings

To listen to this symphony accompanied by a scrolling score click here.

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